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Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 51 SUB

Here's the full stream of Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 51: “The Last Hope” With Gremlin in possession of the Philosopher's Stone, Koyomi dies, but Fueki says that the light in Haruto's heart is the true Philosopher's Stone.

Meanwhile, Gremlin, now transformed, goes on a rampage, and Nito cannot battle to save anyone or even himself from the monstrous Gremlin.

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44 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    And it's over!... sorta
    Perfect final episode that represents everything Wizard is about. Fighting to protect people's hope no matter what, great special effects with those magic circles and dragons. And Haruto's inability to show much emotion besides raising his voice and pursing his lips.

    Overall a very Meh series.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This was a good episode but the finale feels a little weak, kinda reminds me of the OOO finale for several different reasons but in a repetitive way.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I hope Koyomi stays dead this time. Last time someone tried to bring her back it created a bunch of monsters. I mean sure they failed to create a single phantom, but that was the point. Fueki didn't want more phantoms he just wanted more Wizards. He just saw the biproduct of the Sabbat and decided to make them useful

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This episode is totally lame!

    Start with Gremlin, he just instantly go into hyper form without showing emotion any, like the joy of having new power, like how his charactertisc is. And he's not that strong like older series's final boss.

    Nitou is trying his hardest and clearly the best character of this show. But hey, Gremlin don't even kill him, that's a strong main char shield.

    Next is the people running around scene, the hell, even Nitoh in human form can somewhat hold the Ghoul for a certain time, they exaggerated Gremlin's rampage a bit too much.

    Next is the three Mages, they resolved and fight, okay, that makes a 3-man-sentai-team IN 2 MIN, all that just for getting their butts kicked by Gremlin in ONE HIT.

    Now is the climax, Infinity vs Gremlin, and what, he don't even bother to use super speed or any magic, what's wrong with the director? AT least make this fight a little more epic, like, in scale of OOO's last battle with Dr.Maki

    Then he jumps to a high place, just to getting to blown away by Gremlin, the director thinks that's cool? lol NOT! And what, he reverts to Flame style like it's nothing... WHAT IS THE POINT THERE? SERIOUSLY?

    And POOF! Your Hane Cane is nothing compared to my ring! And Haruto finally punched for the first time in the whole series, yaaaaaaaay, that miraculously gets him to Koyomi.

    Now for the touching moment! Like always, Haruto did nothing but scream: COOOOOYOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEE. Someone please tell him that his voice is fucking lame so he won't scream any more in his future roles.
    And the hell, the scene is not even touching. Koyomi just simple reaching her hand to hold Haruto's, and here i was expecting something like: I'll always be by your side, we'll always be together or w/e, but this is just fucking anti-climatic

    The last kick, well, he don't even use the ring, and suddenly a dragon kick came out of nowhere, screw it, just use All Dragon from the start.

    The ending? Beast saves the show, Haruto is just too emo to be a main character.

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  6. FINALE, it's over, but why Infinity Style looks so weak? when I start to think he might be an unbeatable final form, just imagine how badass his high touch hissatsu, super speed, and his diamond armor is, I wonder why he doesn't display all of those amazing power he has in this episode -_-

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  8. KaitoWizard Says:

    Kinda makes you all teary eyed if you connected to any of the characters rather than complain about who they are. I enjoyed the show. Anyways, it felt partially rushed, and a few things that I wanted to happen didn't but its all not that bad of a series. Like for the sake of being a little more mature, why wouldn't they at least show Haruto and Koyomi kissing or him at the very least kissing the ring that was made from her philosopher's stone or something. I mean come on, a kiss or two wouldn't hurt anything. And on that note, thank you to the people who uploaded this and other Kamen Rider Shows and movies and such, you guys take the time to find and upload everything for us viewers so we don't have to search for ourselves, then have some complainers of the bunch that ruin things for the rest of us. But again thank you.

  9. @Rivh Rave
    There are some kind of history proves that not all Kamen Rider's final forms are more powerful against the villain's final boss, no matter how weak or strong they are.

    In Kamen Rider Ryuki, Ryuki obtains Survive cards to become Survivor form, but he's always beaten by Knight at his early debut.

    In Kamen Rider W, Double throughout CycloneJokerXtreme was no match for Jewel Dopant. The same thing happens during the A to Z movie events where the CycloneJokerXtreme was overwhelmed by Eternal and during the final duel with Utopia Dopant.

    In Kamen Rider Fourze, Gentaro transforms directly into Cosmic States form as well as Ryuusei to Storm States form to fight Sagittarius Zodiarts, but they are no match for them. They were beaten early during the Zodiart's final boss debut.

    I don't remember about the other Kamen Rider's final form yet but that's the example I can give.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    To the guy that said 3-man-sentai-team
    umm....correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Sentai literally mean team?
    Kinda redundant.
    Overall sucky ending to a sucky show. Barely any build up for Gremlin's sudden super mode, and it's not even that good.
    Also Haruto is not even REMOTELY winning that fight. He's out matched from start to finish, only saved by grabbing the stone. Oh and he can just punch through Gremlin's body. OKAY!
    Nice to know that the Infinity form which has super speed, toughness, and a shining ax made out of the Dragon phantom were completely useless All he had to do was throw a punch.

  11. @ Rivh Rave
    Regarding the final kick strike, he doesn't use his ring or his magic. He most likely use the all dragon kick strike from the magic of the philosopher 's stone turned ring. And the all dragon kick strike consists of five dragons instead 4 dragons like the usual. All above is just my thoughts, may not be right.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Sooooo Shunpei is gonna make rings now?
    Cuz they really didn't foreshadow that at all. I mean if they had shown him becoming more interested in the rings themselves and interacted with Wajima more than it would've made more sense.
    Also that's another problem with the series. The characters don't really interact besides short comical lines.

  13. This was a fine finale episode, weak as a climax but fine. The only thing that bugs me is that Thunder, Blizzard, Gravity and Special rings are Haruto's, why did Fueki and Mages have them???!!!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    This has got to be the first time the main villain gains ultimate power and DOESN'T want it!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    That is a great episode of the series finale and I hope they gonna be back in the 2 special episodes next week with the other heisei riders and can u post the kamen rider wizard 2 special episode next week before the premier of the next kamen rider, kamen rider gaim on Sunday October 6, pleeaaasse! And this is boring of the series finale, but the video game of battride war of ending credits at the end that the boy is talking they loved kamen riders and they were proud of the riders forever.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    A decent ending to a decent series. Gremlin was unworthy of being the "Final Boss". Personally, I would've loved to seen Phoenix as the final boss. But, Making Gremlin a nemesis for Wiseman was the direction the writers decided to go.Anyways, 2 more episodes than it's time for Gaimu.

    Overall Grade C+

  17. Anonymous Says:

    To be honest, this episode was good. It patched up all the problems and ended in a quiet manner. The mages turned good and decided to help and protect the hope of everyone. It's funny how in this last episode of the main storyline, Wizard finally uses a punch for the first time. I don't know what ring was destroyed, was it defend??? Anyway I loved how they ended the final fight with a classic Four Dragon Kick Strike in Flame Style default form.

    The cliche of Koyomi coming back to life was nixed. Which was good. We all don't want to see a stupid repeat of last year with Fourze. But it's basically like the Ankh shit. He is physically dead but he lives on spiritually just like Koyomi is in that pink Engage ring. I'm sure she will be back in the Movie War. I really hate this whole "minor character dying at the end but coming back shit", that all the rider series has been doing ever since Double. I hope Gaim can change things up and end this awful trend.

    As other comments have been saying, why the hell wasn't Haruto and Koyomi a couple??? Instead of this half ass friend/sibling relationship, they should have gone further. Haruto's hope is Koyomi and vice versa. It would of made the story and death a whole lot better with Fueki and all. They didn't kiss at all. Plus in the Infinity style arc we saw a little romance of Haruto hugging Koyomi. It's such a stupid flaw by the writers.

    Overall Kamen Rider Wizard is a mediocre series, it has the same flaws as Fourze. Boring filler and plot that look too long to advanced in the series. The pacing was a big problem in this show. like 20+ episodes was nothing but boring crap. The best episodes were 49-51, the All Dragon Style Arc and the Christmas episode. I loved the rider designs except for Mage and the Phantoms were cool too. The magic spells were great too. Final verdict 6/10.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Wizard was so-so. Not high-end but not terrible either, it did have it's moments here and there. So the phantoms are gone and everyone has moved on with their lives.

    So goodbye Wizard

    Bring on Gaim

  19. Anonymous Says:

    anon4, You really have to nitpick everything, don't you? No seriously, just please shut up so we can enjoy what has been a decent Kamen Rider.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    @Deen Said:

    It's Not Storm States, it's just Meteor Storm.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Think this was a case of the penultimate ep being better than the's more like an epilogue albeit not a great one..good at best.

  22. @Deen Said
    But come on, at least make him on par with Gremlin, just like how Kuuga Ultimate Form proves himself in the last fight against Daguva, or Hyper Kabuto who just got 3 hit until the end of the show

  23. Anonymous Says:

    For the people asking and complaining about why Infinity was so weak against Gremlin Hyper form:

    His upgraded form comes from the philosopher's stone that was infused with tons of mana! Have you not been watching? Infinity form didn't even take out the White Wizard because Gremlin did that!

  24. That was so lack luster. He didn't use his super speed yet again as infinity then turned into heat style randomly which while in infinity which has never happened before. The fight was just over so quickly. It felt beyond rushed to me. Like it should of been another episode entirely. Man what a disappointing ending to a disappointing series.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    To be fair, those final forms did falter early on with supposed weaknesses. Every showcase of infinity has been overwhelming the enemy with like literally no counterattacks for the enemies. To suddenly weaken infinity is too sudden and weird.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    WOW that was um actually boring for a final show down. Oh well, Garo and Kyoryuger was awesome this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I loved wizard. but yeah the conclusion was good but the ep did felt too rushed. hope they will make a director cut version of the finale, slow the pace and explain some things during the fight (like the sudden flame style change, the lack usage of infinity abilities, etc). btw fueki said that the philosopher stone is the most powerful magic stone so its not so suprising that infinity was overpowered by gremlin (plotwise)

  28. Anonymous Says:

    To that one guy who's mad about the fact that Wizard has never punched a guy throughout the series, think about it. With rings that huge on his fingers, any punching done would probably hurt his hand.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Hey guys,

    No final form is ever "unbeatable"...

  30. Anonymous Says:





  31. jmoracion1984 Says:

    well, i haven't seen or watch this episode. what i can say is that toei and ishinomori productions brought us series which the story are complex and makes you think who's who. this is the first time i had watched a kamen rider show after it's weekly release. i can truly say that i enjoyed watching the show. i cannot way for the next show, gaim. but at the moment, let's enjoy the tv special for the next two sundays.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    It was nice I guess... (If you don't overthink) I'm gonna miss this show so much!!! :(

  33. Anonymous Says:

    For me it best Final, it not just suppose to heavy fight with big special effect, unless who watching it below 15 or 16(who just want see big fight), it final with meaning, Best Ending for me. cant wait for special episode and Gaim :)

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I really hate to jump on the Wizard hate wagon but this series was ending was anti-climatic as opposed to both OOO and even Fourze, yes it wrapped up all it's loose endings but it did poor on the execution, especially with Wiseman and Gremelin, if anything we all wanted the Wiseman Phantom to be climax final Villian seeing that he was the strongest form in the series. But aside from that it overall summed up my entire feelings about Wizard, it had potential that ended up getting lost in its marketing and relatively weak fanservice to support a series that could've been taken in a much more darker direction if the phantoms were to actually succeed at any given point. But overall the plot was pretty much expected from the introduction of White Wizard and Wiseman, the forms and fights become exceedingly underwhelming after their initial debut, and a lot of the secondary plot ultimately leads to no-where especially the Infinity Ring itself. Beast's dire situation could've had a huge impact on his character and being the ancient wizard could've explained a lot out the mysterious lore behind the Wizards and Phantoms in general, but the whole plot just went moot with this underwhelming climax. I mean despite how last minute and questionable Fourze's story and designs were, at least it sold you on the cast and actually care for the villains to some extent, even the monsters of the week having some relevance to the two episode arcs. Well hopefully Gaim may start out as a far more entertaining series than another stoic pretty boy drama.

  35. mechahawk Says:

    For me, the final episode was okay, they were able to give each characters that appeared on the show adequate screentime... They also showed us that the 3 Mages were able to use their powers to help Haruto.

    To the writers, actors, stunt actors and the the entire crew (TOEI) thank you for giving us fans an amazing ride this year.

    It really is showtime!!!

    Now... it's time for Decade to appear!!! (ONORE DIKEIDO)


  36. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I had fun.

  37. Supporter Says:

    I'm in full support of KaitoWizard and would like for everyone to shut up about how bad, in their view, the show is!!!

    The Philosopher Stone was giving Gremlim a total power boost which resulted in Infinity form not being able to match it. No Ultimate form is "unbeatable" since Fourze, Ryuki, and W show good examples why.

    To Spectre: Wow. Why don't you brag some more about how this show was boring?! I'm pretty sure people would love to listen to some dick than watch Kamen Rider (or Super Sentai) from now on! If you are too stupid to understand this, then I am being sarcastic here.

  38. Ryu Kaze Says:

    This is a main flaw that's been going on in Kamen Rider franchise ever since Kamen Rider W...everything needing to have two parts.

    With W, it was fine since that was the show's gimmick and fell in nicely with the "Two in One" Kamen Rider. But after that...not really. The power-ups? Okay, I can see that being a mini Arc. The "Big Reveal" also being multiparts is also acceptable. But does every monster have to have two episodes in order to be defeated?

    I actually enjoyed Wizard, and I will be sad to see Haruto and the others vanish into the sunset. Especially Nitoh. He got a shitton of badass points, not only when he gave up his power of the Ancient Wizard, but also this episode as well as he fought the cannon fodder with nothing more than determination.

  39. MagiDan Says:

    @Winston Soh
    I believe that the fifth dragon represents Infinity, somehow. However, I did believe that it was a bit less climatic than I thought it would be. It would have been nice if Evolved Gremlin was around for 3 episodes prior to the finale. You know, to make his power more concrete. But I did like ending the series with a finishing Rider Kick. Isn't that how Fourze ended as well?

    I also understand how meaningful not using the Philosopher's Stone ring was to Haruto. Respecting Koyomi's last wish. I liked how the series ended with the same clothes he wore in the first episode, and him eating a donut. The final battle would have been a little more interesting if both Gremlin and Haruto, were badly beaten up in the end. It would have given Gremlins power a lot more substance to be a final boss. This way, Haruto would not just walk away from "another successful Ghoul battle", unscathed from yanking the Philosopher's Stone out of Gremlin's body.

    I like the fact that he used the idea of both the Sabbath eclipse, and summoning Dragon, to find Koyomi. It truly brings you back to the whole reason why Dragon lives within Haruto in the first place! It was as if, Haruto was reaching into Gremlin's underworld, in order to retrieve the stone. But, overall, good storyline, (a little bit rushed at the end), but not quite the emotionally connecting ending I was expecting so badly.

    Well, that is my ruling! Let's see how Nitoh gets Chimera back, eh?!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    the final episode was... OKAY. it was not bad, but not that great either, felt a bit rushed. I felt that Gremlin was too weak to be the final boss.

    it should've ended with this:
    Beast stopping the Sabbath with Chimera but also with Gremlin killing Koyomi to get the Philosopher's stone during the Sabbath, Fueki going to despair because he has nothing left, so he lets Carbuncle to take over his consciousness, Carbuncle killing Gremlin and powering up because of the stone, and final battle between Infinity and Carbuncle, with Haruto having a hard time finishing off Carbuncle because he has the stone which is essentially Koyomi's soul. Haruto gets the stone from Carbuncle with Fueki's help (he, while struggling inside Carbuncle's body, snaps out of it and tells Haruto how to get the stone from Carbuncle and this act redeems his character) and uses it to power up to Infinity All Dragon, then finally finishes off Carbuncle with an Infinity All Dragon rider kick! Then after the final battle, the philosopher's stone, his magic rings and his driver breaks into pieces.. Koyomi's soul is at last in piece with his Father. Everybody happy.

    That would've been EPIC, but no, they chose the "rushed ending" route.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Well Wizard was pretty good, but it was nowhere near perfect. The plot was slow, Koyomi was underdeveloped, and Haruto's backstory really didn't have anything to do with the plot. But I'm not going to bitch about it like the idiots who won't shut up about how KRWizard sucks.

  42. Scott Says:

    Meh, better than Fourze's ending at least so I'm fine with it.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    this episode was so sad and great at the same time - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions