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Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 27 SUB

Here's the full stream of Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 27: “The Sisters”. As the Phantom targets Mayu's friend Takako, a shocking truth was revealed to her, a Phantom using her sister's appearance.

When it is discovered that Mayu is the twin sister of Misa, the girl who has become Medusa, Mayu makes it her mission to seek out the one part of her sister that is still alive within Medusa, even though Haruto believes it is better to save Takako first.

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61 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now that was shocking....

  2. Anonymous Says:

    mayu next third rider

  3. Anonymous Says:

    And so...Kamen Rider Witch was born!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder what kind of abilities and rings will she get. Oh, I know! Maybe she can turn the Phantoms she defeat into normal human again! :banzai:

  5. Anonymous Says:

    somehow i got feeling that white wizard could be the final boss

  6. She's evil I say, burn the witch!!!

  7. Thankfully...a third Kamen rider Wizard Rider about to be "introduced".

    Haven't seen a 3rd rider being shown on TV since Kamen Rider OOO with the late appearance of Proto-Birth...

  8. Anonymous Says:

    She won't be a third rider. White Wizard is probably going to use her to meet some other end. He's also "evolving" Haruto for some unknown purpose.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Something WILL happen. We just don't know yet. Plus, Mayu overcoming despair might mean something. In the show's OP she did have a brief scene so IT might still be an option to look out for. Plus, they put focus on Beast this time on the next two weeks. So we can get info on why they did the overcome despair scene on Mayu. Really interesting to see where they will take the Medusa Arc. It's still on it's "First Half"

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I highly doubt Mayu will become the third rider of this series. Aleast in the tv show. If we're lucky we might get a female rider for the movies like in Fourze and Decade. My guess is that the White Wizard is teaching Mayu something in order to defeat Medusa or possibly bringing her sister back. That might happen by the end of the series. We don't know. Things got pretty interesting. The series is finally picking up.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    wait if the white wizard does the intention of turning Mayu into a wizard then that might also mean that he has no intention of making KR wizard more powerful, so that might mean any form wizard gets next is beyond what the white wizard had originally intended

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Well when Wizard went All Dragon the 1st time, White Wizard said "Now, This one is Complete" (or somthing like that) so White Wizard might have been looking for a new "Project".

    But notice how Cerburus was following Mayu when she went to meet Medusa its almost like White Wizard knew what was going to happen.

  13. KamenRiderRekka Says:

    I have a theory/feeling that Mayu will only return once Medusa is killed off for good. Like her entire motive to fight will be to prevent what happened to her sister and parents from happening to anyone else. Becoming a phantom and killing former loved ones.
    I wouldn't be surprised though if her return allows a cain and abel cat fight that leaves Medusa powerless and memoryless.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent ending. Glad to see how the hyper ring going to be introduced. Personally, feel the white wizard will turns her phantom into the stone that will make the final form for Wizard. Re-watch how Mayu when into despair.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I'm not sure if White Wizard is actually evil, but he may be like Tachibana from Fourze. White Wizard might be trying to build an army to prevent anymore phantoms from being born, but its hard to build an army of wizards cause not everyone can overcome come despair like Mayu and Haruto. So really, it doesnt look that strange that he shows up to Mayu and Haruto right after they overcome their phantoms. I'm guessing since he's a more experienced and powerful wizard he probably can see into the future or see potential in gates that he knows who will most likely be able to become a wizard. Also, after he helped Haruto get Dragon-Time and said he was complete, I believe he has done all he can and only Haruto can improve himself now.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Calling it now, her rider power will be to summon Phantoms she's defeated but with their restored human personas (so that she has to be the one to defeat Medusa).

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Arrgh. I just can't friggin stand shunpei!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Shunpei is really pissing me off. He is annoying and useless. How can he still read a children's book and think it applies to real life. He is way too kid appeal. Instead of impressing people his age or girls with his '' fire powers'' instead he goes to impress the little kids who told him to grow up. He bring no plot to the story. He and Rinko try to act like they can fight phantoms, but all they do is steal screen time from Haruto and Koyomi. I hope shunpei dies. No wonder Wiazrd's rating are not that good. The kids are probably annoyed to hell by shunpei

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The anon above is right. shunpei is an annoying character and serves no other purpose than to be a kid appeal character which is a useless purpose so he is useless. he really annoys me and I hope he gets punched in the face because he annoys me. almost makes me want to stop watching wizard/

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Do you remember this spoils? "Kamen Rider Witch"

  21. Anonymous Says:

    ok after watching this episode i seriously think that mayu will be a new rider even if she didn't in the series she will surely be a rider maybe in a movie

  22. Anonymous Says:

    To the anon who hates shunpei. Kudos dude I hate that guy so much and he deserves to go off the show. Thanks for expressing your hate man.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    To Anon from March 18, 2013 at 8:02 p.m.

    If there are going to be 5, means one more will be left to come right?

    White Wizard - Unknown - 1
    Wizard - Haruto - 2
    Beast - Kosuke - 3
    Witch - Mayu - 4

    And to the haters on Shunpei and Rinko, yes sometimes they get annoying trying to fight Phantoms, but if something bad were happening around you (Via monster or actual criminal activity) Would you just stand around and do nothing? No. Those who see destruction in any type of fashion would think to get the kids and others injured out, which Shunpei and Rinko do. They are also great distraction so Haruto can change.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Why would you want to wish death on anyone? Fictional or nonfictional? And last time I checked, this was a kids' show. So, of course there's gonna be a kid appeal character. This franchise is made to sell toys and appeal to kids. Not to sell toys and bend to every older fan's will.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Why is everyone saying that if she's a Rider she'll be able to turn phantoms back into humans? Wouldn't that be more powerful then Kamen Rider Wizard, the main rider of the show? Just saying what's on my mind...

  26. Anonymous Says:

    We haven't seen any scans of there being another Rider... Sorry... Didn't mean to bring you into despair... I just don't think there's going to be another one... I don't like it when they go overboard with the amount of Riders, and it puts more weight on the show's budget... Sorry... Call me wiseman if you have to, I just don't think there's going to be another Rider... Plus, this hasn't been subbed yet, so we don't really know what White Wizard is saying. Sorry...
    Dang it... Now I'm hungry... Time to go eat another phantom!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    You guys take this waaaay too seriously. Also what purpose does Koyomi serve? She used to be good for identifying a phantom, but she hardly does it anymore, plus her whole Doll thing hasn't been brought up since literally the first episode they mentioned it

  28. Anonymous Says:

    To the Shunpei haters. Yes, he is silly. Yes, he's a kids appeal character, cause sorry guys but this is a kid's show. As for him being useless, he's shown to be more serious than Nito, your beloved secondary rider, when he's being ridiculous. Nito pretended to be a girl three episodes ago, but Shunpei does it and you all bitch? Cute. Also, he can lead the victims away while Haruto is busy fighting. Who do you want to do that instead, Koyomi? So that Medusa can drain her again when she sense her mana? Shigeru maybe? He was kidnapped too. All of the none powered cast have been 'useless' in that they get kidnapped cause they don't fight. Sure, Shigeru makes rings for Haruto, so he has a use. Shunpei's is safeguarding gates and any other, let's call it temp work, that Haruto needs him to do.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Actually... I'm starting to like the idea of a third rider, as long as it doesn't interfere with the two we have now... Anyway, what Phantom do you think she'll have her powers based around? Wizard's got Dragon, Beast has Chimera, so what will hers be based on? That wasn't a very useful hint!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I think Mayu's Phantom might be a Keythong(Its like a Griffin but it has alot of big spikes on its shoulders instead of Wings)

  31. "You guys take this waaaay too seriously. Also what purpose does Koyomi serve? She used to be good for identifying a phantom, but she hardly does it anymore, plus her whole Doll thing hasn't been brought up since literally the first episode they mentioned it"

    Gremlin actually mentioned it when he came. And I believe it's because the actress has idol duties. Which is why she's not around

    "No wonder Wiazrd's rating are not that good. The kids are probably annoyed to hell by shunpei"

    Actually they are good. And the kids demo is higher than Fourze's

  32. Rain Says:

    Mayu's gonna be a wizard, it's confirmed on the official site's cast page. I think she'll also be a kamen rider. Seriously, have you ever heard Haruto or Nitou said in their rollcall that they were "Kamen Rider Wizard" or "Kamen Rider Beast"? They always call themselves "Wizard" or "Beast. They didn't even know they were kamen riders up until they met Fourze in the crossover movie. This leads me to believe that in this show, wizards ARE ALSO riders. And since the official website says she'll be a wizard, so DEFINITELY, she'll be our fourth rider.

  33. Rain Says:

    Sorry, just a correction. Haruto and Nitou (as far as i can remember) didn't call themselves "Wizard" or "Beast" during their rollcalls, but their enemies did anyway.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Kamen Rider Kekkaishi: "Actually they are good. And the kids demo is higher than Fourze's" Those ratings were a few months ago, even than the overall ratings from Wizard were dropping fast. With Kyouryugers' ratings hitting all time lows, it's pretty safe to say so is Wizard's. Face it Wizard isn't doing good, it's doing worse than Fourze. This is the first time in months that I've seen this many people commenting on a Wizard video.

  35. ^ Um no. You need to look up some info. The last ratings revealed were like this
    Episode 19: 5.7%
    Episode 20: 6.1%
    Episode 21: 6.5%
    Episode 22: 6.6%
    Episode 23: 6.9%

    So no that's not worse than Fourze. And toy sales look good too.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I would actually be excited to see another Kamen Rider/Wizard, and also a female. I mean, it's not uncommon to see a fourth rider this far into the game. I mean, Another Agito came in at episode 36 or so. It's plausible. I'm also very keen to the idea of a movie only rider since Wizard has yet to have a movie focused solely on its series. However, I'm coming to indecisive movie plot ideas knowing that Medusa and Mayu are characters, that in my opinion, have to work upon each other. I find it hard to think about knocking off Medusa from the series via Movie. Either way, I can't wait to see where this show takes us and I hope to get to know more.

  37. Kamen Rider Sorceress?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    So something fun and exciting like Kyouryuger is getting low ratings while some bland like Wizard is actually rising!?! DAFAQ JAPAN!

  39. Kyoryuger is getting low ratings?

    Cite, PLEASE?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    The first three episodes of Zyuden Sentai Kyouryuger brought it ratings of 4.3%, 4.0%, and 3.2%, continuing the drop brought on by Go-Busters

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Who said we don't hate Beast. That annoying,immature rider is almost as bad as shunpei. He is a disgrace to all secondary riders and shunpei is bad enough. shunpei is the scrappy of the show even yuki was not his annoying

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I wish that 1 anon would stop pretending to be multiple anons

  43. Dude No one cares if you hate shunpei he's in 2 minutes of most of the episodes just fucking ignore him if it's that bad. And he's not more annoying then yuki . Yuki was useless a loud and obnoxious spaz. Shunpeis just useless and dresses funny.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm... just realised that there might be an Alpha Omega going on with Wizard.. with Infinite coming out soon after beast hyper.

  45. Well,at least that Shunpei guy brings humor to the series

  46. "So something fun and exciting like Kyouryuger is getting low ratings while some bland like Wizard is actually rising!?! DAFAQ JAPAN!"

    How about the fact that just because you don't like it doesn't mean others don't.

  47. VamolaKyoryuger Says:

    is the video supposed to cut off at the end? as we dont see her break open like in the preview is the video cut off or something?

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Hey,i notice that when The White Wizard use magic,the belt say '...,Now.' while KM Wizard its say '...,Please.'

  49. W Says:

    So I know some of you think Wiseman is the White Wizard's Phantom that somehow split off from him, but it would make more sense if Wiseman is Koyomi's Phantom, right?

    That's why she's just a shell of a body, right?

    And the White Wizard is probably making all these Wizards to figure out how to fully take control of the Phantom inside him or other people? And maybe use that to merge Wiseman back into Koyomi too?

    Maybe Koyomi is White Wizard's daughter?

    And all of Wizard's stones come from Wiseman/Carbuncle, so his Wizard Infinity form will also need the diamond stone from him too. Why would Wiseman let Haruto keep evolving? Does it make more sense that he is White Wizard then?

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Ok I think witch will surely appear in the series even though we didn't get any scans or anything means that she is not gonna shows up maybe Toei just wanna keep this as a secret until she shows up.

  51. I can sense a 4th rider coming, but I hope if Mayu becomes a rider, I hope they don't call her a Witch. She's much to cute for that...

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Its alrady obvious that wiseman and White wizard are two different people because of the way they identify Beast. Wiseman only called him the Ancient wizard whereas White Wizard addressed him as the Archetype wizard.

    Its possible that the two of them have met before and that they are the actual chess players in this whole affair. but Wiseman would be keeping himself as a trumpcard more.

  53. @ Kyoryuger Ratings - Well...damn, those ratings are low. Much lower than I'd expect with a show with that much personality.

    Maybe it's like what happened with Fourze where the Adult Fanbase bailed after being confronted with a more lighthearted/kid-friendly/childish show? That combined with the fact that there were few kids watching Gobusters to begin with could explain the drop in ratings...

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone is excited about a fourth rider... But they aren't excited about Beast's new form.
    I think it looks cool. I don't care if we had the same color scheme last year. It's not ugly because of it. And to people who think Beast is annoying because he's immature or not serious, stop. Just stop. People can be serious and relaxed at different times, it's called being HUMAN. So every single hater who exists, go somewhere else. I just want to enjoy my time while I watch these series, and not have anyone ruin it for me. So stop, or else there will be no finale for you!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Kyoryuger's ratings low? I don't give a crap. I like it.
    Wizard's ratings low? I don't care either. I like it.
    RATINGS DON"T MATTER! Your opinion of it is what is matters, not what some stupid TV people think. If you hate it, then hate it. If I like it, then I'll like it. Is anyone getting my message?

  56. Anonymous Says:

    wow! White Wizard is so powerful.
    he can blow Medusa away in a single strike.
    if the White Wizard has appeared and kicked those phantoms' asses since eps.1, this whole mess would never happened.

  57. "Kyoryuger's ratings low? I don't give a crap. I like it.
    Wizard's ratings low? I don't care either. I like it.
    RATINGS DON"T MATTER! Your opinion of it is what is matters, not what some stupid TV people think. If you hate it, then hate it. If I like it, then I'll like it. Is anyone getting my message?"

    you get a cookie

  58. @ Anon 4:41 - Hey, I fully agree with you on this count, and I do enjoy both of these shows. I'm just trying to sort out what might be driving these ratings, that's all.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    i think.. mayu will be eaten by the white wizard... if ancient wizard eat monster, then he white wizard will eat the wizard candidate.. w/e, but i feels that the white wizard person, is somehow is connected to the phantom leader.. coz, they both gives haruto the crystal to henshin right?

  60. BeastFang Says:

    @anon on march 21, 2013 at 4:41 AM

    Ratings don't matter to us, but it matters to the "stupid TV people".

    They don't care if YOU like the show, if the rating is low, then that means THE VIEWERS IN JAPAN dislike it, and the show might gets cut short or even cancelled.

    No, they don't care about your opinion either, they only care about the show's rating in Japan.

  61. haruto Says:

    mayu will be the most beautiful rider !!
    yeah, i like it :D - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions