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Go-Busters vs Gokaiger THE MOVIE SUB

Here's the full stream of the recent team-up film Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger THE MOVIE. Coming to home video this March 21st, the film debuts at the 4th spot of the Japan Box Office Weekend.

Gokaigers returns to the Earth with a black Gokai Galleon as the member of Zangyack empire. They start attacking the Go-Busters. What happened?? [Full summary here!] [SPOILERS HERE!]

All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.
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45 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Must say, the Gokai Change sequence from Goggle V to Timeranger was awesome.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    "This video is private"

    "Oh, that's nice", he lied >>;

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Great. I on it and now it's private?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I thought if the screen wasn't black, it's still avalible...

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Here's the link that can watch:

  6. Juan Sanchez Says:

    how long till the subs come out???

  7. Anonymous Says:

    why is it that i cant watch the video? its private... how can i watch it?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing!!! if you don't count the audio and video becoming de synced 3 times... and the subs fitting to the audio instead of the video.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The audio and video are not in sync. Well, I'll just wait for a better version.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    too bad the audio and video are not sync properly.. sucks..

  11. Darkoblivion17 Says:

    the week of my birth just became alot more awesome. watching this now

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Someone please reupload it with synced audio

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The audio is off... :/

    Is there any way I can watch this with the audio in sync?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    It's weird that the video images skips ahead of the audio and subs at 14:24.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    It's weird that the video images skips ahead of the audio and subs at 14:24.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    How did they figure out which time period everyone was in just from Yoko & Gai's scroll when they were just as clueless?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    J was able to indicate the time period. Also the Shinkengers existed back in the Edo Period. So Gai knew where to go.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    hang on, I thought gokaigers gave all the ranger keys back? which means they shouldn't hv been able to transform into past sentai

  19. Anonymous Says:

    People would've had some records somewhere about artifacts and stuff.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I want you to think really hard about what you just typed and see if that makes sense to you.

  21. golem Says:

    well that's true. at the end of the gokaiger series they gave the powers back to the owners. can someone pls explain? :/

  22. Does it really require explaining? Gai got to Earth long before the other Gokaigers, when he caught up with the others he gave them the Maskman and Timeranger keys, we are clearly ment to assume that guy asked the previous teams to loan there powers to the Gokaigers so the could defeat Zangyack once and for all.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    please fix the audio please i have been waiting for the audio to be in sync to watch it.....please...please...please


    Ranger Key Clones are copies of Super Sentai Rangers created from Ranger Keys as a form of summon. These were used by the Zangyack-allied privateer, Basco ta Jolokia, and also by the Black Cross King after his resurrection.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    the audio is out of sync i is disapoint....i was sooo ready to watch this

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Heres the fixed version

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks to the anonymous who posted the fixed version of the movie.The movie was good but i'm still wondering how did Gokaiger manage to get the previous sentai keys back cuz I thought that they gave it back.But Jin saying that magiking feels like home was funny XD

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Could you post a new link? The other one was deleted.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Can someone post the fixed version again? It's gone.. :/

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Here's my interpretation on the ranger keys thing:

    Navi told the Go-Busters how he/she and Gai went back to Earth first. So we can assume that guy collected the ranger keys.
    Also, when Marvelous and Hiromou were fighting, Marvelous told him how they gambled by attacking their allies (presumably stealing back the ranger keys) for them to use

    Or it could be part of the gokaiger's great power

  31. Anonymous Says:

    wtf!!! Still no good upload???? The audio is horrendous. i cant stand to watch a movie like that. Please fix this issue.

  32. Hairball Says:

    well since no one else will take the time to either find or try to fix it themselves, the only other thing i can say is wait till TV-Nihon subs it...which shouldnt be too much longer..within the month im guessing.....also...the person who uploaded the first "corrected audio" version on youtube using the ACTUAL TITLE OF THE MOVIE.....BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA NEVER use the actual name of the movie!!!! thats why it was removed so quickly!

  33. IchigoSAW Says:


  34. Anonymous Says:

    I'm probably going to be the only who feels like this, but I'm kinda disappointed. Not because of plot, action, or continuity (though there was some small stuff), but it was mainly the tone, and a realization that I HATE GO-BUSTERS. Its almost like they we're thinking, "Well, Gokaiger was a huge success, how can we make sure that Go-Busters is just as loved? I know lets force people to see that they're just as bad ass as their predecessors!! Thats instant love!" It felt so forced and unnatural for the team to be like this, the chemistry between these two teams really did not gel at all. And the tone of the more bombastic and high stakes adventure tone of Gokaiger and the more grounded/realism tones of Go-Buster made for a slightly more lackluster film. Honestly I kinda wish that Gokaiger wouldve just skipped over Go-Buster and teamed up with Kyoryuger. But I might just be abit disappointed that this is Gokaigers last appearance as a lead. I know Super Hero Taisen, but I doubt they're going to make them the focus two times in a row. Anyways thats my rant, and Go-Buster kinda blows lol.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Those good versions are getting removed real quick....

  36. Anonymous Says:

    can anyone post more better versions

  37. MagiViolet Says:

    Toei's onto us. They've been cracking down hard on streams since KR Double. It's bad enough being a Toku lover (and/or fangirl) on this side of the Pacific without Toei doing this all the time. As much as I understand and respect them for wanting to protect the copyright of such a great franchise, they could at least give their fanbase outside of Japan a little love and give us legal options to watch the shows and the movies, with or without subtitles. Even if we have to pay for it. Because I don't know about you guys, but in my mind Super Sentai is a great franchise and is worth paying for.

    Also, to the haters of Go-Busters: yes, the show isn't quite the awesomeness that Gokaiger was or Kyoruger is proving to be so far, but is it any worse than Decade? And at least Toei isn't half-assing it.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    The audio is not sych with the movie can some one fix it?

  39. I like it, gokaiger actually my little brother's favorite,, so i'm happy with this movie,, thanks. .super sentai we always love you.. ..

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Go to this link: The good ones are included in a obvious order.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49478099%2Cd.eWU%2Cpv.xjs.s.en_US.c75bKy5EQ0A.O&fp=904943dd5e103dd4&biw=1280&bih=713

  41. Anonymous Says:

    To the haters of Go-Busters, Go-Busters probably isn't perfect, or as good as Gokaiger because of the seriousness,or whatever you think. I mean, the show is still unique in its own way. Some shows are like really childish, and some are just right. But, they don't have to be like the other teams. So, stop comparing them with the others. See, even now, they're doing dinosaurs the 3rd time. I see no problem there, except the 'dinosaur' motif theme thing might be going a bit overboard, but the show is still unique. I hope I don't offend anyone. I'm sorry if I do offend anyone by the way. Please think about what you say before you do something. Thank you!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    this has no audio lag, in 5 parts, click previous to watch next part.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    THANK you, Anon@4:44PM Aug 3.
    You're a lifesaver to the other-side-of-the-pacifc people.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    i hope they make gokaiger's the last sentai they make........think of it stupid bakamon fools.... whats the point of transforming into other 34 sentai if they cant transform into the 36 and up version of sentai? thats why krdecade fail.. dunno why sentai copy decade.....its obviously riders idea...this sentai and krd will get a super impact if they make the theme save for the last

  45. Anonymous Says:

    "September 25, 2013 at 6:10 AM"
    Anonymous said… "i hope they make gokaiger's the last sentai they make........think of it stupid bakamon fools.... whats the point of transforming into other 34 sentai if they cant transform into the 36 and up version of sentai? thats why krdecade fail.. dunno why sentai copy decade.....its obviously riders idea...this sentai and krd will get a super impact if they make the theme save for the last"

    the same way of how kamen rider decade can transform into the past heisei riders but not the neo-heisei riders? but did decade ever fail? NO, IT DIDN'T!!! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions